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Johan Venter Clipchamp can be used to edit an MP4 file saved in PowerPoint

Say, you have a lesson in PowerPoint that is going to change the world and break YouTube. First, you have to get it out there.  So, save your PowerPoint as an MP4 file then Open Microsoft’s Clipchamp and choose to create a new video.

One of the first things you should do is decide on a name for your video and the aspect ratio that would be suitable for your project. Different platforms desire/require different aspect ratios.

Import your MP4 media file here or record something new or use a template. Click the plus sign to add your video to the timeline.

Now you can snip and adjust to your heart’s content. You can add several layers to your video including background images and sounds.

Start by experimenting with the filters and effects. The green screen filter allows you to have a background of your choice.

Start by experimenting with filters and effects. Greenscreen allows background of your choice.

Add extra layers to your production. You have a rich selection of Music and sound files as well as stock videos and images.

Add extra layers to your video clip. Music stock videos and images.

Finally, when you are ready for the big time, give your video a name, otherwise, it goes through life as an "Untitled video" and click on export. Upload your masterpiece to your favorite online platform. 

Learn PowerPoint Interactive Animation
Udemy hosts a course on Interactive PowerPoint Animations that I created. So, please visit it. PowerPoint presentations used in the course can be used as templates for your own animations. Moreover, I sometimes have discount coupons for the course to give away. I post the coupons on my Facebook page, but they go quickly, so I offer them to my mailing list first. Please send me an e-mail johan@myfutureway.co.za
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