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Make an animated Process Flow in PowerPoint

   (Explore this course as well) Make an animated Process flow. One can create an animated process flow in PowerPoint using a .jpg image overlaid on the animation. The .jpg can be "cut out" to create the impression of movement behind the .jpg image. One could, for example, reveal what is happening in a pipe system: The action on the left is what is desired. The action on the right illustrates the point of layering the .jpg file on top of the arrows. Compare the two images of the selection tabs. In this arrangement, the arrows will be visible at the incorrect times. To create the cut-out. Insert the shape that you want to cut out from your image. Place the shape on top of your image where you want to reveal what is happening under your image. First, select your image(1) and the shape (2) you want to cut out. (The order in which you choose the objects, affects the result.) Now select Shape Format (3) and Merge Shapes, Combine (4) to make your cut-out.    With your cut-out in pl

Make a Custom Shape in PowerPoint.

 Make a Custom Shape in PowerPoint. We will hardly ever use all the shapes available in PowerPoint, but sometimes we need a shape that is not available. For example, we may need a shape that resembles a film strip. Something like this.  To make a shape like this needs only a few keystrokes and a few seconds in PowerPoint. I started by drawing a blue rectangle and then clicked on it, held the Ctrl key down, and dragged it to make an exact duplicate of the rectangle. I made this second rectangle smaller and repeated the process runs as follows: Once you have all your little blocks in place, select everything: Now click on 1. Shape format. 2. Merge Shapes. 3 Combine. 4. This will be the effect: This short video also displays the process. I promised a copy of the presentation that I used to create the YouTube Short with. Here it is. Visit my course at Udemy on Interactive PowerPoint Animations. PowerPoint presentations to be used as templates for your own animations are available for all

Interactive PowerPoint Animation for Education

Interactive PowerPoint Animation for Education| In my 2023 Udemy course , I demonstrate how to create and publish interactive animations in PowerPoint. We follow the process as outlined in this video: The process to create interactive PowerPoint animations The "Telescopes" example below is an instance of what I am proposing: The learner watches a narrated animation (that started life in PowerPoint) on the operation of two types of telescopes and then at various points during the animated presentation, she has to interact with what is on screen using the H5P video interactivities. A working example of an interactive PowerPoint animation The loop is of course not fully closed: At the end of the presentation, the learner gets a report of what he knows and what he does not yet know. The teacher, however, does not know yet, because this blog site won't give her a report. To close the loop fully, the H5P interactivity should be deployed in a Learner Management system. We cove