PowerPoint made into an online quiz

PowerPoint and some free tools give limitless possibilities

Did you know it takes four easy steps to include a quiz in your PowerPoint presentation? What is more, your learners can respond online to it and you can get their responses online. All you must do is follow these steps: 

1. Your first step will be to build your lesson or learning material in PowerPoint. 

2. Secondly, you should develop your quiz in Google Forms. 

3. Thirdly, because Google Forms live online, it is a simple matter of linking to it from PowerPoint. 

4. Finally, if you choose, Google Forms will automatically create a Google Sheet where the learners’ names and responses will appear. Google Sheets 

Make the most of your PowerPoint resource

Use your PowerPoint resource to give some practice opportunities to your learners. Google Forms is available for free to anybody. It is easily accessible via your Gmail account.

Google Forms available if you have Gmail

Once you have your Google Form set as a quiz, simply get the link provided with the “Send” option.

Copy this link to your PowerPoint

Paste this link anywhere in your PowerPoint presentation and you have created an online quiz from ordinary boring old PowerPoint!

A working example

Learn PowerPoint Interactive Animation 
Udemy hosts a course on Interactive PowerPoint Animations that I created. So, please visit it. PowerPoint presentations used in the course can be used as templates for your own animations. Moreover, I sometimes have discount coupons for the course to give away. I post the coupons on my Facebook page, but they go quickly, so I offer them to my mailing list first. Please send me an e-mail johan@myfutureway.co.za   
Johan Venter Interactive PowerPoint AnimationJohan Venter Interactive PowerPoint Animation YouTube Interactive PowerPoint Animation


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